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sword8 wakizashi, O'suriage, orikaeshi-mei is removed. Nice blade.
cheap sword4 wakizashi "Tadayoshi"
cheap sword3 wakizashi blade, originally no signature
cheap sword9 wakizashi O'suriage, Mino tradition(?)
cheap sword6 wakizashi "Shigetaka" the 1st in Echizen province.
Tanto "Shinsoku"
Broken tip of "Sueyuki" (Ko-Aoe)
Tanto "Kuniyoshi" (Awataguchi)
Wakizashi, O-suriage (Aoe or Nioh)
Wakizashi, O-suriage (Shizu)
Wakizashi, O-suriage (Taema)
Wakizashi, Mumei (Shikkake)
Wakizashi, Mumei, typical "katate-uchi" sword
Wakizashi, Mumei (Gassan)
Tachi, Mumei (Gassan)
Tanto, "Tadamitsu" (Osafune) yoroi-doshi style



Steel tsubas
Old and Simple
Ko-tosho, a wild goose cut out
Ko-katchushi, simple
Ko-katchushi, some cut-out work
Cross and Dragon
Owari, octagon shape
Owari, sun shine and crescents
Akasaka, plum tree design
"Umetada Shigenari"
"Yasutsugu", Edo in 18th century
Radiate design, in real fight
Crane design
"Nobuchika", a present tsuba smith



Bamboo & sparrow of yamagane

Oar and anchor
Japanese pepper tree

Fuchi and Kashira
Fuchi, black copper, with golden gourds design on it. 16c.
Fan in the autumn, Owari style


others3 wakizashi style koshirae.

Chinese blade in Japanese Army sword mount
Shashka, Russian sabre


Recently produced by us.
Our smith kokaji forged the blades.

new sword1 ken blade within Bddhish style mount (Sanko- ken)

1 Tanto in Kanmuri-otoshi-zukuri style
2 Tanto in Kata-kiriha-zukuri style
3 Tachi in Kissaki-moroha-zukuri style
4 Spear in Kikuchi-yari style
5 Tanto in Osoraku zukuri style
6 Tanto in Moroha-zukuri style
7 Tachi with Katana koshirae
8 Katana with sabre mount
9 Spear in Hira-sankaku-zukuri style
10 Tachi in Kissaki-moroha-zukuri style with Tachi koshirae
11 Sabre in Kissaki-moroha-zukuri style
12 Ken tanto size
13 Sample sword to think about steel grain and hamon pattern

Interesting swords for study
Macedonian knife from 7th century
Challenging Masamune style
Tanto of worn out (K-un)
Tanto, Shin-shinto Mumei, (sandwich construction)

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