Tanto Awataguchi "Kuniyoshi"

blade length 20.3cm
The steel is wood grain layer pattern, and it is full of jinie particles. It is very beautiful.
This steel quality is typical of the Awataguchi school.

The hamon is a suguha, straight pattern, made of konie particles.
The hamon in kissaki is very clear, but other part is blurred by being tired.
The tang has a clear signature "Kuniyoshi".

The habaki is double pieced. The inner piece is gold foiled. The outer piece with base is solid gold.
On the whole, this blade is very masterpiece, though the hamon is tired except for the kissaki.
Especialy the full of jinie particles in steel is very appreciatable. It is that the Awataguchi's steel.
The engravings, chopsticks and a simple sword, also indicate this blade masterpiece.
This tanto was held by the Akimoto family in Tatebayashi during the Edo period.


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