blade length 21.6cm, thickness at the base 8mm, width 2.2cm

This blade is produced to try an old tsurugi like appearance. It is forged with rough quality steel to expect old looking. The mild steel and the too hard steel are mixed (=> A way of forging tamahagane).

The steel is full of particles (nashiji-hada), while the wood grain layer pattern is visible. The layer around the tip runs irregularly.
Signatured side

Reverse side

The hamon is made of full of large particles (nie), making a natural pattern like ko-choji and komidare. Mizukage appears clearly. And some activities of steel particles appear like utsuri, but difficult to take in pictures.
Left bevel of signatured side

Right bevel of signatured side

Left bevel of reverse side

Right bevel of reverse side

The polishing work is done by the smith himself. So it has no tricks, while having some scratches. The steel and hamon is interesting with uncontrolled patterns. It looks like an old blade.
If you like to appreciate perfectly designed blade like Shinto, this must be a poor blade. If you like to see activities of steel particles and hamon particles, this may be interesting.

Sketch of hamon



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