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These prices include postage overseas from Japan.
The shipping system we take is EMS with insurance. Usually it takes one week or so for delivering. But, our post servece doesn't deliver sword to several countries by EMS. In such case, we use SAL.
FedEx also was used sometimes in the past, but they no longer carry swords. UPD and DHL neither.

Please notice, that the prices don't include the customs duties what are taken by your custom guard. Sometimes taxes are more than 30% including VAT and consumption tax. So you are responsible to pay those taxes.
If you would like to purchase anything, do not send the money directly. Please contact us by e-mail. We would like to explain the quality of the item to you before you purchase anything. Please send us any questions you have about swords.
The paying systems we can accept are PayPal and Bank Transfer.
PayPal is convenient for any amount.

We have a Layaway Plan, you can reserve items by 10% of the price as a down payment. Then you should pay full amount in 6 months, at once or times payment.

Sold items are moved to GALLERY. Those are for study.
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sword6 katana "Osafune Sukesada", robust blade, Tokubetsu-Hozon-Token paper. 720,000.yen
sword9 wakizashi "Mihara Masaie" 380,000.yen
sword2 wakizashi "Mimasaka-no-kuni ju Kanekage", 17th century, 280,000.yen => 230,000.yen
sword14 tanto "Sukemitsu", Shimada school in Suruga province 16th century, Hitatsura hamon. 300,000.yen
sword10 wakizashi "Naomasa" and "Mitsumasa", with NBTHK Tokubetsu-Hozon-Token paper. 530,000.yen
sword7 rescue a poor condition wakizashi "Kanetsune". 300,000.yen
restoration work completed
sword4 katana "Osafune Yosozaemon-no-jo Sukesada" with NBTHK paper.



tsuba10 katchushi, small cut-out and ring rim, 150,000.yen => 100,000.yen discounted
tsuba3 steel, Namban style with the motif two dragons chasing a dragon ball. 25,000.yen
tsuba9 Shoami, design of two fans, 16th century, with NBTHK paper. 150,000.yen

tsuba8 Owari, simple design, 17th century, 60,000.yen



fittings3 fuchi and kashira set, made of black copper (shakudo) with autumn flowers motif. 40,000.yen

fittings1 fuchi and kashira set in han-tachi style. Iron with gold and silver inlays. 40,000.yen
fittings2 fuchi and kashira set, made of black copper (shakudo), mandarin ducks motif. 40,000.yen

fittings15 fuchi and kashira, black copper, Japanese plum blossoms (ume). 30,000.yen

others10 helmet, consigment from a collector. 250,000.yen
others1 tamahagane, from NBTHK, the lowest prices box 30kg. 74,000.yen


Swords that we are producing by free request. See explanation.
We can have the smith make an oshigata by himself.
new sword9 tanto blade with three-layer style steel constructioin
new sword7 tanto blade with Ayasugi pattern steel layer
new sword1 ken blade with a straight layer pattern steel.
new sword5 try to make a blade with meteor
new sword8 a challenge to copy Hojoji style naginata
new sword4 ken blade within mount. 300,000.yen
polished out
new sword6 a challenge to copy "Huga Masamune"

=> Actual polishing practice by an apprentice

We pick up cheap swords from a junk box in antique market.
Of course, some of them are in poor condition, and no one know what sword would come out after restoration work.
For hobby craftsmen who need a sword to practice or treasure hunters who is looking for a masterpiece covered with rust.
And some of them are good blades, but less reptation in the market. Those are good for study by low cost.

Nothing is available

About paper challenge
Some customers want to challenge papering with those "cheap sword". We don't recommend you to waste money for papers, since blade never change by any paper. But if you want it, we can introduce you an agent who works for paper mission instead of you.

only postage
We have no responsibility for qualities of these items, because they are free.
Some rests of our business.
We will post some item occasionally. The person who is first emailing us gets it.

Nothing is available

The sword accessory shop IIMURA has built up their web site.
You can take most of mass produced items there.
web site;
USAGIYA original
The tools for tight handle. to stick out the tang from the tight handle.
2,200.yen + postage

(Custom-made Swords)
We can accept an order of a new blade, habaki, polishing and other restorations.
        katana/tachi, 60cm-80cm length blade with shirasaya. About 800,000.yen
        wakizashi, the length between tanto and katana. 400,000.yen to 600,000.yen
        tanto, under 30cm length blade with shirasaya. about 300,000.yen
Upon completion of the sword/blade, you will have a chance to view the completed item before you purchase it. This is to ensure customer satisfaction.
Ordering system and samples
Koshirae (making the mount) is from 250,000.yen for katana or wakizashi, from 100,000.yen for tanto.
Habaki, copper or silver is 36,000.yen. Gold foiled is from 60,000.yen    Samples of habaki
Togi, polishing, about 2,000.yen to 3,000.yen per cm.
Estimates of the costs for Restoration and Koshirae producing

Project "Gotoba"
(Tempering experience by customers)

If you have a chance to come to Japan, we can produce such a workshop. Our smith prepares a tanto blade for you, and you can experience the clay designing, heat and quenching with smith's support. One tanto costs 150,000.yen including shaping work with the rough stone and inscription in the tang.

Samples => Project "Gotoba"

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