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Hachiwari "Nankai Tomotaka"

whole length 109cm, handle length 26.8cm, weight 4kg

This is a hachiwari made by Nankai Tomotaka. Tomotaka is a famous sword smith in 19th century, but this is not a sword.
Hachiwari is a weapon of iron bar. Its literal meaning is "helmet breaker". So this is one heavy iron bar, not be separated to handle and scabbard. Usually hachiwari is wakizashi size. This is our first time to see such a big hachiwari and perfectly pretend to look like a sword. Was it ordered by sumo wrestler?
Anyway this is a very interesting and rare weapon made by sword smith.

Handle part is wrapped with leather. And scabbard part is painted with urushi lacquer. The tassel also is original from 19th century.

Tomotaka's signature is on the tsuba.
"Made by Nankai Tomotaka, lives in Kyoto"

"Tempo 15year (1844) February"

The bag also is very old, but we are not sure if it is original from 19th century.

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