We will help you to purchase tamahagane from NBTHK.

I have been introduced customers with NBTHK tamahagane to make real Japanese blade. But recently I have found that to deal with NBTHK is not easy for foreigners. I didn't think that before. Then I will help to purchase it for overseas smiths.
This is a sample of the tamahagane we will serve to overseas smiths. This is a 30kg box of the lowest price tamahagane.

Please do not get it wrong. The lowest priced tamahagane doesn't mean poor quality. But it includes various hardness of steels within various sizes of ingots. So it is good for starters to learn what tamahagane is.

We found that the post service has a limit with the weight of box exactly. So the 30kg box must contain 27kg of the lowest priced tamahagane to settle the total weight under the limit.

The lowest priced tamahagane is 1,650.yen/kg by NBTHK. After that we need the delivering cost from the NBTHK furnace to us, the shipping cost from us to you, and miscellaneous expenses. The total cost will become around 74,000.yen using sea mail.

We never open the package from NBTHK, but just forward to you. Please email us if you need that tamahagane.

About NBTHK tamahagane
In the furnace, a big iron ingot is produced. It includes various qualities in parts. Then, it is broken into many small pieces. Then, the small pieces are classified into various grades by the terms of hardness and sizes. For example, hard and proper size is highest price, grade 1A (8,250.yen /kg). After it 1B. Some is the too hard (cast iron, 3,300.yen/kg). The steel pieces are classified more grades. And the last pieces are these lowest priced tamahagane. Some people say that this grade of tamahagane is close to the material in Koto period. So some smiths intentionally use this tamahagane.

We can supply a small box too. It is 5kg box. It contains about 5kg of the lowest price tamahagane. The quality is random, since the amount is too small. So it only means you can test forging tamahagane with low cost.

10,000.yen + postage

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