February 16
A customer who has been a sword collector for many years is releasing all his collection by some reason. He is a little famous in our prefecture as a collector of tachi blades from Kamakura period. And he also has some other things beside those tachi blades. We saw all his collection, and accepted some of them as consignment. Those are one helmet, 4 iron tsubas, and 3 Mino tanto blades. Of course, we saw the tachi blades from Kamakura period too, but they are too expensive for us.
We have posted the consignment goods on our catalogue. Those are sword 10, tsuba 10, and others 10. But I am sorry, one Mino blade was already taken by a customer who come to our shop actually.

October 30
A fake Gassan
At a sword meeting, one of my friend showed me a tanto blade. He said, it is a good Gassan from 16th century. When I saw it, it was easy to find out that the signature is fake and no hamon. But he didn't believe my words.

Then, I polished one side by hazuya finish to show him what hamon is. Hazuya finish is the best way to study blade. Hamon is completely worn out, but utsuri comes up by this honest polishing.

August 26
I went to Nikko. I saw nice swords at the Futarasan shrine Chugushi beside the Chuzenji lake.
They are 5 naginatas (long handled swords) from 13th century or 14th century. All of them are originally no-signature. 4 of them have iron habaki, probably originally made with the blades. It was very interesting to study those old naginatas with original shape. Unfortunately it was forbidden to take pictures.

I post some pictures of the Kegon fall in Nikko, instead of the swords.

August 1
I saw a sword made by the emperor Gotoba at the Tokyo National Museum.

The chrysanthemum mark is carved in the tang, and the blade is a very nice shape as a tachi blade from the Kamakura period. The hamon is choji pattern what looks like that of Ichimonji. Probably this time, some smith from Ichimonji prepared the blade for him and helped him to temper the blade by himself.
I'm sorry it was difficult to take the choji hamon by my camera.

One interesting point is Yaki-otoshi. The hamon and utsuri starts 3 ~ 4 cm away from the ha-machi. Such starting of hamon is very rare in Ichimonji blades. So it suggests the emperor Gotoba who personally tempered the blade.

Such a long yaki-otoshi often happens for sword fans who try tempering, because the fire to heat the blade is too hot for them to heat the blade part near the tang. They are afraid to burn their hand. It is funny when we imagine the emperor who heats the blade being afraid of his hand burnt.

Tempering experience by customers => Project Gotoba

May 26
University students from the United States came to my Kodaira forge.
They experienced the fold'n welding work. They helped me using a big hammer to forge the outer steel of blade. They are from Lebanon, Venezuela, China, Taiwan and United States.


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