October 28th
I saw a strange sword in some sword meeting.
It was a tachi from 13th century, with famous smith signature and titled to Juyo-Token by NBTHK. The shape looks powerful, and it has one big attacking mark on the back. It is very interesting to see it as real weapon in Kamakura period. The hamon is made of large particles (nie) and it looks really masterpiece. But the hamon around 10cm near the tip is different. There are no large particles, but only nioi (smallest particles). It is very doubtful of step-tempering or fake hamon by excellent polishing. What is more, the groove shows the fact that the tip had broken-off and then reshaped sometime in the past. Anyway it is impossible to keep original hamon around the tip.

August 26
Meeting of Musashino sword club
Swords for kantei game
1, Tachi "Tsunemitsu" (Ko-Bizen) 12 century
2, Ko-tachi, originally no signature (or signature is crushed), attributed to Osafune Mitsutada, 13th century
3, Katana "Osafune Tadamitsu" "Entoku 4 year ..." (1492)
4,Katana "Osafune Katsumitsu" "Eisho 11 year ..." (1514)
5, Wakizashi in hira-zukuri style "Harima(no)kami Teruhiro"
This time, we studied the grooves on the blades from 12th century to 16th century.

July 7
I polished an interesting blade.
It is a Macedonian knife from 7th century. One side is polished by hazuya finish.
The steel construction is two blocks style. The body steel has a straight layer pattern. The edge steel is fine and its wood grain layer pattern is compact.

Hamon is made of small particles (ko-nie) mainly, and it is bright. Its pattern is choji and some complicated patterns. It looks like hitatsura. Nice blade.

June 14
Meeting of Musashino sword club
Swords for kantei game
1, Katana "Osafune Tadamitsu" 16th century
2, Tanto "Kinju" (or Kaneshige) Mino province 14th century
3, Tanto "Osafune Shigeie"Katana O'suriage 14th century
4, Tanto "O'kanemichi" Mino province 16th century
5, Katana O'suriage (Osafune Mitsutada) 13th century

March 11
The piano concert by Yuzuko Miyairi and Tatsuro Yokoyama

Of course, Miss Miyairi is a daughter of Master smith "Miyairi Kozaemon Yukihira".

March 10
Sword club meeting in Wolow, Poland.
Kantei game sponsored by NBTHK Saitama Branch

This was the first Kantei game for members. But they guess the smiths well.

March 7
Interesting sword with big crack in hamon. It is horribly damaged by fight.

Signature "Sesshu ju Yasunaga" (Osaka)

February 24
Meeting of Musashino sword club
Swords for kantei game
1, Katana O'suriage, attributed to Mitsutada (Osafune)
2, Ken "Kuniyoshi" (Awataguchi)
3, Katana O'suriage, attibuted to Nagayoshi (Chogi, Osafune)
4, Tanto "Osafune Shigeie"
5, Tachi "Moromitsu" (Osafune)
The sword #1 and #2 are very masterpieces. And the sword #4 is in the book "Supreme Sword Country, Bizen".

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