New sword 9
Reproduce the sword for Kamikaze pilot what was created by Naohiro the 3rd
=> Episode by Naohiro the 3rd "Swords for Kamikaze pilot"

We received a free request to reproduce it. Our smith will try it.

Forging the blade
This time he tries a blade with straight layer pattern. So the steel construction is the sandwich style (three layers).

Making the outer steel
The steel is on the work of 8 time folding.

The outer steel is forged out after 13 times folded. And it is cut into two pieces those become the both sides of the blade.

Making the core steel
It is on the half way of fold'n welding work. It has been folded 5 times, and will be folded more.

The steel is covered with rice straw ash, and put into the forge again to get the welding temperature.

The core steel is forged out after 13 times folding. It becomes the edge of the blade.
And then, the steels, core steel and two pieces of outer steel, are welded together to one steel block.

The constructed steel block is roughly drawn out.

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