Estimates of the costs for Restoration and Koshirae producing
(2020 June updated)
This service is made for the swords on our shop. Sometimes we can accept an order for the sword that brought from out of us. But we can not accept all of them.
Restoration works
The followings are just estimates, not exact amount of the costs. They can change in each of cases.
(=> Actual examples of restoration work)
Polishing (either Sashikomi or Hadori)
  2,000.yen ~ 3,000.yen per cm (5,000.yen ~ 8,000.yen per inch). It depends with the condition and quality of the blade.
Habaki (=> samples)
  silver/copper 36,000.yen
  shakudo (black copper) foiled or solid 55,000.yen
  gold foiled 60,000.yen
  gold foiled double 80,000.yen ~ 90,000.yen
  Katana 50,000.yen
  Wakizashi 40,000.yen
  Tanto 30,000.yen
Koshirae producing
The followings are examples of the costs to produce mount in ordinal quality that we can make.
Every koshirae has many terms to consider, for example metal fittings, painting styles, and etc. So please notice that the total cost is easily changed.
(=> Actual examples of producing KOSHIRAE)
(=> Examples of mounts we have produced)
-Basic costs-
Wood base of mount (Koshirae shitaji)
  Katana (no kozuka/kogai slots) 120,000.yen
  Wakizashi (with kozuka slot) 150,000.yen
  Tanto 80,000.yen
Painting on scabbard (Urushi, simple black)
  Katana (no kozuka/kogai slots) 50,000.yen
  Wakizashi (with kozuka slot) 50,000.yen
  Tanto (with kozuka slot) 30,000.yen
Ray skin (Same) 10,000.yen
Ray skin Wrapping (Same-Kise) 10,000.yen
Silk cord Wrapping (Tsuka-Maki) 20,000.yen (including silk cord)
Setting up fittings (Toritsuke) 20,000.yen
Tsuba (antique) 40,000.yen ~
Fuchi and Kashira (antique) 30,000.yen ~
Menuki (antique) 30,000.yen ~
Seppa 4,500.yen
Shitodome 4,500.yen
Sageo (silk) 3,500.yen ~
Tassel and Bag 10,000.yen
(For a simple Katana Koshirae, it costs around 300,000.yen in total.)
Wood blade (Tsunagi)
  Katana 15,000.yen
  Wakizaashi, Tanto 10,000.yen
Gold mark on scabbard (Maki-e) 50,000.yen (simple mark 30,000,yen)
Menuki (silver copy) 10,000.yen
Kozuka (antique) 30,000.yen ~
Kogai (antique) 30,000.yen ~
Kogatana (blade for Kozuka, newly made) 30,000.yen

Miscellaneous expenses
Generally the costs are applied to each sword. When some swords are packed in one parcel, 1) and 3) can change in each of cases.
1) Import arrangement at Tokyo or Narita airport, 15,000.yen (We go to the custom office to take the inspection for each sword to import.)
2) Registration at the educational office, 10,000.yen (including the tax 6,300.yen)
3) Sending back swords by EMS with insurance, 15,000.yen (including the procedure for exporting sword) When the case EMS doesn't work for your country, we use seamail.
4) Arrangement of restoration works, 20,000.yen
5) Arrangement of producing koshirae, 30,000.yen
(In the case of "ordering new blade", miscellaneous expenses and registration tax are not necesary. They are included to the total cost of producing.)

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