Katana "Kunitsugu" in Koshirae

blade length 72.9cm, curvature 1.6cm, tang length 23cm, weight 740g
width at the base 3.1cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width near the tip 2.5cm
There is a groove on the both side.
The signature is,
"Minamoto Kunitsugu saku" (made by Minamoto Kunitsugu)
"Heisei 8 nen Ichigatsu kichijitsu" (1996 January lucky day)
The steel is a wood grain layer pattern.

The hamon is a choji pattern including sunagashi and kinsuji. The appearance may be attractive for beginners eye.

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Of course this is a real Japanese sword made by the traditional method, but the quality is not high. And so is the polishing work
The habaki is silver.


The tsuba is a destroyed old one, and the other metal fittings are modern mass products. That is no worth to explain details. It is just a mount for use.
This sword is very suitable for cutting performance or iai practice.
There are a box and a letter from the smith to the orderer.


The letter

The letter says;
Heisei 8 year January lucky day (1996)
(Orderer) Saitama-ken, Chichibu-gun, Ogano-machi, O'aza-Ogano, 29-6-7
Katana 72.9cm, curvature 1.6cm
Minamoto Kunitsugu made this sword with incensing and ablution (seal)
Tokushima-ken, Oe-gun, Kamojima-cho, Kirai 674
The forge of Minamoto Masakuni

Information of the smith Minamoto Kunitsugu
His private name is "Shunji TANAKA".
His address is, 776-0005 Tokushima-ken, Yoshinogawa-shi, Kamojima-cho, Kirai 674, Japan

The hamon pattern in kissaki is nijuba, komaru, hakikake (double temper line, small round turn back, sweeping pattern). The polishing work is not very good, so the hamon in kissaki is not seen very clear.

The weight of drawn sword, 1060g