New Sword 2

Some pictures on the work of Kobuse style blade

Hard and dense steel pieces of NBTHK tamahagane are selected, and folded 7 times.

The dark spot at the centre of the steel suggests there is a blister in it.

A little milder steel pieces are selected and folded 8 times. Then the previous steel block is put on it.

Then the two steel blocks are welded and folded. It is so called "mix forging".

The neck of the handle broke off by accident. So the work ended up with 4 times folding. This is the steel for edge.

The core steel is on the way of fold'n welding.

The core steel is fold'n welded 12 times.
The core steel and the outer steel are prepared.

The steels are constructed to one steel bar with Kobuse style.

The steel bar is drawn out to the blade length.

It is haped with hammer work.

It is shaped with plane and files.

Just after the quenching work

blade length 78.4cm, thickness at the base 8mm, width 3.4cm

Shaping work with Binsui stone

Polished up

Steel has a wood grain layer pattern, and rough large layer pattern appears hear and there. The steel particles are a little larger than usual. Activities of steel particles in shinogi-ji also is interesting, since it has no mirror finish.

This sword is submitted to the NBTHK new sword competition. The result is "nyusen" (normal prize). So it will return to us after the exhibition at the new year of 2018.


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