New sword 5

Tanto "Kei'un" within mount

blade length 24.3cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 23.5mm

The steel construction is the two block style. The body steel has a straight layer pattern, and the edge steel has a compact wood grain layer pattern. In the steel colour, the edge steel is clear, and the body steel is dimmer. It is interesting to study the activities what come from the interaction between steel layer and steel particles.

Hamon is bright. It is mainly made of small particles, and large particles in some parts. Some utsuri appears in the body steel.

The polishing is the classical style, and is done completely honest way. So you can see so many activities in the steel. What is more you can see the steel layer on the back surface, since it has no mirror finish there. It is very interesting to study what Japanese blade is.

Hamon sketch will come soon.

Habaki is made of silver.



This is not a good news, but we have found two deep scratches on the obverse side of blade. We don't know how it happened. Anyway it is a drawback. But we don't want to re-polish it, because the polishing is too good to be replaced with another polish. So we make some discount instead of re-polishing.

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