New sword 5

Tanto "Kei'un Naohiro" within kaiken style mount

blade length 15.9cm, thickness 5.5mm, width 2.0cm

It is polished in the modern style. So the blade surface is put big contrast of black and white. The invented steel color masks the activities in the blade a little bit, but you can see the true face of the blade when you see it with a proper lighting.

The steel is wavy wood grain pattern.

Hamon is mainly made of small particles, and some amount of large particles. Its pattern is gunome and ko-choji. And that in kissaki is flame (kaen). Many activities of steel particles appear in the Ji, those are yubashiri, utsuri, or so.

Habaki, silver

Kaiken style mount
The base of mount is made by Mr. Takao Horikoshi.

Urushi lacquer work is done by Mr. Mitsuhide Koyama. (=>


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