Sword 1
Katana "Masakane"

blade length 68.4cm, curvature 1.6cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 3.3cm, thickness at yokote 6mm, width 2.6cm

Masakane is a smith in 20th century. He is a descendant of Katsumura Norikatsu (Tokukatsu) who worked in Mito city in Shin-shinto period. This katana also shows the tradition of Mito school, what is heavy-duty blade.

Steel is a wood grain layer pattern.

Hamon is a straight pattern. It is bright enough.

The condition is not very good. It has many scratches and some rust. But the steel is fine and the hamon is bright, since the shape is not very sophisticated. It may be suitable for cutting performance.

Signature "Joyo Kasama ju Minamoto Masakane saku" (Ibaraki prefecture, Kasama city, Minamoto Masakane made)

Date "Showa 48 year August" (1973)

Habaki is silver

Shirasaya and bag


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