Sword 1
Katana originally no-signature within mount

blade length 76.6cm, thickness at the base 8mm, width 3.1cm

This is a katana originally no signature. It looks come from 16th century. The character is very common in that century, so-called "Soshu style". So it is difficult to guess the smith or school. It can be Uda, Kaga, Takada, Kanabo and etc.

Steel is a large and visible wood grain layer pattern.

Hamon is made of large particles. Its pattern is a very active choji and gunome with some tobi-yaki, including many kinsuji like appearances what influenced by the steel layer. So it is a hitatsura. The hamon in kissaki is wide. Utsuri is not very clear, but shirake pattern.

Close-up of the hamon. It shows particles and the layer around it.

The polishing is the modern style. The steel layer is large and visible, and the hamon is so active. So the total feeling of this sword is wild. It is very attractive for eye.

It is originally no signature. The condition of the rust is very natural. It shows the age honestly, and no strange feeling on it.

Habaki is black copper foiled. It looks original from the Edo period.

Mount is original from Edo period. It had some damage on scabbard, but we fixed it. So now it is very good condition.

The bag

300,000.yen (consignment)


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