Sword 1
Wakizashi "Korenaga"(fake?)

blade length 46.1cm, curvature 1.0cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 3.4cm

This is a beautiful and nice wakizashi. There is a signature "Korenaga" in the tang, but we think it doubtful.

Steel has a straight layer pattern.

Hamon is a Hitatsura pattern made of large particles. The hamon pattern looks very active, especially it in kissaki is interesting. Mizukage (starting of utsuri) appears clearly. It also is interesting.

The polishing is a modern style. So the blade looks beautiful with black and white contrast of wavy pattern. But the real hamon is masked a little bit. Real hamon looks wilder feeling. It is difficult to guess the smith for us, but it looks like some Mino blade from 16th century. Anyway this is a beautiful and nice blade ignoring the signature.

Comparing hadori and hamon sketch (oshigata)


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