New sword 3
Shadow project of an order to try Awataguchi Yoshimitsu style tanto blade

Samples of Yoshimitsu tanto, healthy shape and weary one. Kokaji tries the both shapes.
Healthy shape

Weary shape

kokaji plans to construct a blade with Kobuse style.

Outer steel
Hard pieces of tamahagane are selected to make a steel what is hard and dense enough for edge. And then, they goes to the process of fold'n welding work.

It is on a half way of fold'n welding work. The red hot steel is covered with rice grass ash.

Outer steel is forged out after 14 times folding.

The next is the core steel forging. Relatively soft steel pieces are selected, and go to the fold'n welding work.
Finally the core steel is forged out after 13 times folding.

Core steel is wrapped with outer steel. It is the kobuse style.

Core steel and outer steel are welded into one steel block, and it is drawn out roughly. Several sister blades are made out of this steel bar.

Two of the sister blades those are drawn out from the bar. The top one is expected the healthy shape, and the bottom one is done the weary shape.

Shaped by the hammer work

Shaped with plane and files

Put a clay, and then dry

In calm night, they are hardened. Blase is heated to the read hot and then quenched into the water.

Just after the quenching work of Blade A, healthy shape and wide hamon

Blade B, weary shape and narrow hamon

On the half way of shaping work with the rough stone


Shaped up

Blade length, top 25.7cm, bottom 24.0cm

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