Tachi "Kei'un Naohiro"

blade length 75.2cm, curvature 2.7cm, thickness at the base 8mm, width 3.2cm, weight of the naked blade 910g

This is a tachi blade made by our smith kokaji. It is a copy of 13century style blade.

The steel has a wood grain layer pattern. The pattern is visible around the starting of hamon. The steel particles fill the blade surface, and make some activities.

Hanon is made of small particles, making choji pattern and komidare pattern.
Utsuri is clear around the starting of hamon. Then it runs toward the kissaki as midare pattern. Some parts are clear and some parts are not so.


"Kei'un Naohiro"

"Tsuchinoto-u Ni-gatsu nichi" (1999 February)
"Tsuchinoto" is one of the year in decade system. "U" means the rabbit year in Chinese zodiac. "Ni" means 2, and "gatsu" means month.


Shirasaya and bag


This tachi blade was made by the order to copy old Kamakura style tachi. The owner had it for many years, and died some years ago. Recently the widow decided to find a new owner for this sword.

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