Wakizashi "Osafune Norimitsu" within Katana style mount

blade length 53.5cm, curvature 1.5cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 2.9cm

This is a wakizashi blade with an original mount from the Edo period.

Steel is a wood grain layer pattern, and it looks beautiful.

Hamon is a gunome pattern made of small particles and large particles.

Polishing is the modern style. It is good work.

Signature "Bishu Osafune Norimitsu"

Of course, this is not any of the famous Norimitsu those are from 14th century to 16th century. The hamon is well organized and total quality of the blade is not bad. But the character of the blade doesn't match to any famous Norimitsu. We don't know who this Norimitsu is. So the possibilities are,
1) One of the smiths in Norimitsu family in 16th century.
2) A descendant of Norimitsu line in Shinto period (17th ~ 19th century)
3) A fake in 19th century.
Of course, no one know the fact.

Habaki is double, gold foiled piece and

Mount and bag

The mount is the original from the Edo period. It is Katana style mount what has equipment to put kozuka. The scabbard is longer than the blade, but it is made as originally for the blade. The scabbard has no room to put longer blade. Sometimes we can find such a kind of Katana style mount with shorter blade.

Menuki is made of black copper (shakudo) with some gold plating. The motif is tree peony.

The tsuba is made of a kind of copper.
Signature "Efu ju Masatora" (Masatora, lives in Edo)

330,000.yen (consignment)

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