Sword 6
Wakizashi O-suriage (No-signature by shortening work) with mount

blade length 44.2cm, curvature 1.1cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 2.9cm

This blade is a wakizashi shortened from long tachi or katana blade as original tang is completely cut off.

Steel has a wavy wood grain layer pattern.

Hamon is made of large particles and some rough particles. Its pattern is almost straight pattern with long kinsuji, and some large gunome appear near the tang. It is interesting. Probably in its original shape, lower half was large gunome pattern and upper half was straight pattern. Sometimes we can find such designed hamon on blades from 16th century. Hamon in kissaki also is a straight pattern. Utsuri is not very clear.

Polishing work is the classical style done by Mr. Rinzo Negishi. So it is very honest and good to study blade itself.


The shortening work is very proper.

This is an interesting blade. The shape is proper as a shortened blade (O-suriage). Steel texture and hamon is unique, but difficult to attribute its age or school. We can attribute it to some Uda school in 16th century. And a friend of us attributes it to some smith in Satsuma province in 17th century. Anyway it is interesting to study this blade looking for clues to think about its age or school.

Habaki is double made of copper. The upper piece is gilt.

Shirasaya and bag


The scabbard and some parts are original from Edo period.

The silk cord wrapping on the handle is newly repaired, though fuchi, kashira and menuki look original.

The urushi lacquer work has some cracks.

Tsuba is made of copper.

180,000.yen (consignment)

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