Sword 6
Wakizashi "Naohiro the 3rd" within mount

blade length 50.5cm, curvature 1.4cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 3.1cm

This is a wakizashi made by Naohiro the 3rd. It is a good blade, but the condition is not very good with scratches and some rust.
The 1st Naohiro was a smith in Naotane school. His private name was "Tomesuke Tsuchino". He was the last student of Naotane. After the teacher died, he continued the apprenticeship under Suruga-no-kami Masahiro who also was a smith in the school. Then, he named Nao-Hiro.
The smith of this sword, the 3rd Naohiro, his private name is "Masayoshi Yanagawa". He worked in the second WW in his young days, and after that he continued his work untill 80 years old. (=> An episode of Naohiro the 3rd)

Steel has a very compact wood grain layer pattern.

Hamon is made of large particles, and its pattern is choji.

Polishing is the modern style.

Now it is on the re-polishing work.

Signature "Naohiro tsukuru" (Made by Naohiro)

Date "Showa 46 year (1971) March"

Habaki, silver


Simple tsuba


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