Tanto "Ohmi-daijo Tadahiro"

blade length 25.6cm
This tanto has a Kata-kiriha zukuri and the signature in the blade, such a style is usually found in Kogatana. So this tanto is a Kogatana style.
On the Kogatana style, the surface which has signature is not polished to keep file mark and signature. But this tanto has been polished on the signature side as same to a normal Katakiriha-zukuri blade. So the signature becomes shallow, unfortunately.
(=> Kogatana)
"Hizen-koku ju Ohmi-daijo Fujiwara Tadahiro"

The steel is wood grain layer pattern with jinie. It is fine on the obverse side, and a little rough layer appears on the reverse side. Usually the surface with signature is not polished.

The hamon is Suguha (straight pattern) made of bright konie (small particles). Some Kinsuji, uchinoke, sunagashi, and Kuichigai appear.


The habaki is a silver foiled. It is original from the Edo period.
Bag and Paper

The paper of NBTHK ranks it to Tokubetsu Kicho Token.

It is judged twice on Showa 35 and on Showa 39. On the reverse of the paper, there is a stamp of the second judgement.

As a matter of fact, the blade is really good, but the signature is doubtful for our eye. Therefore the price is not that of genuine Omi-daijo Tadahiro tanto's.
Unfortunately the signature is not enough to study its chisel work exactly. If you believe the judgement by NBTHK, this tanto is rare and good sample of Omi-daijo Tadahiro.
We have confirmed NBTHK that the paper is not fake.

The owner had purchased this tanto for 2,000,000.yen. He was proud of this rare Tadahiro tanto. Then, he was very disappointed with our opinion. He was afraid if he was cheated. Now he wants to forget this tanto as soon as possible. We think the price 250,000.yen is good enough to ignore the paper and signature.

Just a sample: sketch of 1st Tadayoshi in kata-kiriha-zukuri style

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