Sword 6
Wakizashi "Kanehisa" with Arato stage in shirasaya

blade length 53.4cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 3.05cm

This is a wakizashi blade "Kanehisa". He is a smith in Seki city, Mino province in 16th century. This is just shaped with Arato stone. No one know what blade comes up by finish polishing. But still it has enough meat, and the shaping work by Arato stone is proper. It may be suitable for amateur polisher to learn shaping work.

The signature is very genuine, and the blade looks no fatal flaws. But of course, this is a kind of gamble in the meaning of sword hunting. We can accept the final polishing with the cost around 50,000.yen. But our craftsman is so busy that he has no time to polish it until the end of this year.

Signature "No-shu ju Kanehisa" (Kanehisa, lives in Mino province). Habaki is made of copper.


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