Sword 6
Katana shortened

blade length 69.7cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 3.0cm

This is a Katana what is shortened. It looks from 15th or 16th century. It is so much shortened some time later, and the signature has not left.

Steel has a wood grain layer pattern what is visible and rather rough.

Hamon is made of large particles. And it is an active pattern, but it is not well designed. Some kinsuji appear.

Polishing is the modern style (Hadori style). Though the hadori is wavy pattern, the actual hamon is more complicated and active.

Tang is reshaped. On the obvious side, most of the part remains the polished surface what was the lower part of the blade in its original. And a small part around the bottom of the tang has the original file work. It is Takanoha style.

The reverse side is fully reshaped by new file work. It copies the original file work style "Takanoha", but the work is different. Of course, the new file work is sharper than the old one.

Considering the original file work on the tang, such a work is common on Mino blades. And the blade also has a possibility of Mino blade. Anyway, such a blade is common in 15th century and 16th century.

The original blade length might be around 80cm. It is not a masterpiece as "art sword", but it must be a weapon for warriors. It has a cutting mark on the back what reminds us the sword fight in the past. When you hold it in your hand, you can imagine the samurai warrior who fought with this. This is the KATANA.


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