Sword 9
Wakizashi "Mihara Masaie"

blade length 39.6cm, thickness at the base 6mm, width 3.0cm

This is a beautiful blade of Kata-kiriha-zurkuri made by Mihara Masaie. Mihara is a school in Bingo province from 14th century to 16th century. There are many smiths in the school named "Masa-". We are not sure what age this Masaie is. But the kata-kiriha-zukuri is often found in 14th century and the beginning of 17th century.

The engraving means a Buddha (wide groove on the obverse side) and his two servants (narrow two grooves on the reverse side).

Steel is fine with wood grain layer pattern.

Hamon is a straight pattern with some natural activities. Utsuri appears around the lower part of the blade.

The polishing is the modern style. The work is excellent. It is done by a student of living national treasure.

signature "Mihara ju Masaie" (Masaie lives in Mihara)

Habaki is gold foiled double.

Shirasaya and bag

530,000.yen (consignment)

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