Katana "Shigehisa"

blade length 62.5cm, thickness at the base 9mm, width 3.8cm

This is a unique katana with the shape uno-kubi-zukuri style, and with engravings. We don't know who the smith "Shigehisa" is.

Steel is a wood grain layer pattern.

Hamon is made of large particles (nie), and it makes Gunome pattern. The steel layer runs into the hamon and making some activities like Kinsuji or Sunagashi.

The polishing is the modern style (Hadori style).

Signature "Minamoto (no) Shigehisa saku" means "made by Minamoto (no) Shigehisa"

Date "Showa ju nen ni gatsu nichi" (1935 February)

Habaki is made of silver.

Shirasaya and bag

280,000.yen (consignment)

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