Katana O'suriage

blade length 65.4cm, curvature 1.7cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 2.8cm

This is a very shortened blade (O'suriage) that might be made as long tachi blade in 14th century. It might be a very good blade, because we can see the beauty of excellent blade in some parts, but the condition is pitiful. The surface meat has hollows here and there. Additionally, a terrible engraving is put in the blade. A proper shape will be recalled by re-polishing with proper work. But the engraving is a fatal flaw. Next to the engraving, there is a trace that a blister is crushed. So the hamon line is vanishing there. The beauty of this blade is destroyed forever.

Steel is very good in some part. And rough layer appears in some part.

Hamon is gunome pattern and choji pattern, made of nioi (smallest particles) and ko-nie (small particles). It is bright in some part, and dim in some part.
Especially, the lower part on obverse side shows an amazing appearance with bright active hamon and utsuri. It suggests the excellent quality of this blade.

This might be a good blade in the past. Probably some person who doesn't love sword ground off the parts of rough layers, and put the engraving to mask it. But still some part is good enough to study the beauty of quality blade. We attribute this blade to Kozori group or some school like that.
We are planning to rescue this blade with recalling proper shape and mounting within shirasaya. But we can never help the terrible engraving. So we are hesitate to start the restoration work.

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