Katana "Sukesada"

blade length about 71.0cm, curvature 2.2cm, thickness at the base 8mm, width 3.2cm

This is a katana made by Sukesada in Osafune school in Bizen prefecture. Sukesada is the head of the school in 16th century. But there are many Sukesada, so it is difficult to distinguish which Skesada this is. This is not a master's work, but one of the swords produced by Sukesada sword shop in that age.

Steel has a large wood grain pattern. But the layer is rough.

A small blister appears on the reverse side.

Hamon is made of small particles, but not very bright. The straight pattern hamon includes some activities of ashi and yo. Tobiyaki (jumping hamon) also appears. Utsuri appears, but not very clear. It is so-called "Shirake-utsuri".

There is not so many activities to speak of. So the blade quality is not very high, but an intact weapon from 16th century.


signature "Bizen-koku ju Osafune Sukesada" (Osafune Sukesada, lives in Bizen province)

date "Eisho 11 nen 8 gatsu nichi" (1514 August)



Consignmenet from a collector

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