New Sword 1
Long Tachi blade with Choji hamon

The goal is a robust blade with about 80cm blade length, big curvature, active choji patterned hamon.

2013 November
The outer steel is forged out. The blade will be constructed by Kobuse style. This steel is made of mix with hard steel and mild steel, fold'n welded 13 times, expecting a visible layer pattern on the blade. It is 830g weight.

The smith is going to make one more outer steel for shadow project (Kageuchi). That will be forged to a compact steel. Therefore, he is trying two blades as candidates for the request. One is expected a visible layer, and the other is done a compact layer.

2014 January
The core steel is on the way of fold'n welding work.

The slag is picked up from the bottom of forge.

The core steel and the outer steel are ready to be constructed.

The steels are constructed to one, and roughly drawn out.

2014 February
The other outer steel is forged out. It is made from hard and dense steel pieces, and fold'n welded 16 times. This steel is expected a compact layer pattern.

The core steel is on the way of fold'n welding work.

The core steel is forged out. It is fold' welded 15 times. This time, the core is a little milder than his usual work, because a wide choji pattern hamon is expected on the hard and dense outer steel.

2014 March
The outer and the core steels are constructed by kobuse style, and roughly drawn out.

The two steel rods for blades are prepared.

2014 October
Shaped with hammer work

Shaped with plane and files

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

2014 November
A fine autumn day has come. It is good for the hardening work (tempering).

The clay mixture is put on the blades, and drying.

In calm midnight, the blade are heated to red hot, and quenched putting into the water.
Just after the quenching
Challenge 1 (=>
Challenge 1)

Challenge 2 (=> Challenge 2)


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