New sword 1
Ken blade within Buddish style mount (Sanko-ken, vajra handle)

Forging the blade

Hard steel pieces are selected, and fold'n welded 8 times. Then the steel is cut in three pieces.

Then, a little milder steel pieces are selected, and fold'n welded 8 times. The steel also cut in several pieces.
Then, the hard steel pieces and the mild steel pieces are laid on the handle, to go to the next stage mix steel folding.

The mix layered steel is fold'n welded 7 times. Then cut off the handle.

I am not sure what kind of steel has been completed, because I am not familiar with such mix steel forging.

Shaped with hammer

Shaped with plane and files

Put clay on the blade

Just after quenching

The water in the tube becomes hot after the quenching work of the blade.

The tang is soften by heating again.

Shaping work with the rough stone.

It seems that the hamon line is tighter than I expected.

The blades are on the work of making groove.

The Sanko style handle

Fittings for scabbard

The tang and all the fittings have tree knotches to recognize the direction to set them up.

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