Wakizashi "Mitsuhira"

blade length 54.5cm, curvature 1.2cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 3.4cm

Mitsuhira is a smith in 17th century in Edo city. He is a smith in Ishido school in Edo city. They are famous for the hamon what is a copy of Ichimonji style choji.

Steel has a small wood grain layer pattern.

Hamon is a choji pattern. It is similar with Ichimonji hamon pattern, but a little wider than Ichimonji's.

Signature "Taishin-hokyo Minamoto(no) Mitsuhira"

Habaki is gold foiled.

Shirasaya and bag

930,000.yen (consignment)

A paper is added. It is the rank of Hozon-token by NBTHK

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