Katana "Yosozaemon-no-jo Sukesada"

blade length 70.4cm, thickness at the base 8mm, width 3.5cm

This is a robust katana blade. The smith "Sukesada" is the most famous workshop in Osafune, 16th century. Sukesada linage includes many generations and workers. "Yosozaemon-no-jo" is personal name, and he is one of the smiths those named Sukesada. And they say, "Yosozaemon-no-jo" is the top of those Sukesada's. By researching the chisel work of his signature, there are several different kind of works. So some people say, there were 4 smiths who make "Yoso-" blades. And others say the smith was one person, but several workers who worked with chisel. Anyway no one know the fact.

This blade was very famous as a great work of "Yoso- Sukesada", probably about 50 years ago. Then, it was hidden deep in the collection of a collector in north Japan. Recently it came up again. The family of the collector decided to sale his collections, since he died.

Steel is fine. It has a small wood grain layer pattern.

Hamon is a wide straight pattern including some ashi.

Signature "Bizen-no-kuni ju Osafune Yosozaemon-no-jo Sukesada"
Date "Daiei 6 nen 8 gatsu kichijitsu, seirai 52 sai sakushi" (1526 August lucky day, 52 years old made this)

Habaki is gold foiled.

Shirasaya and paper

2,530,000.yen (consignment)

NBTHK Tokubetsu-Kicho paper is added.

This sword is written in the book "Kanto zuiroku" on page 83 as an important sample to research Sukesada lineage. The book is written by ex-Navy general Hisao Koizumi, and published in 1969. But I am sorry we don't have this book for sale.

By careful studying of our staff, we are not sure if this blade is genuine. Of course the blade is very good and healthy. But comparing with his usual work, the brightness of hamon is a little less. We think Yoso-'s hamon is usually brighter than that of this blade. And the shape, this blade has slim bevel meet. His blade must have more robust meat. But of course, polisher can remove the meat to show it sharper. Such a work is often done in the name of "Art sword". Anyway, this blade doesn't look his best work for our simple eye.

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