Katana O'suriage within Musashi style mount

blade length 67.2cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 3.0cm

The blade has no fumbari in its shape, so it can be supposed to be shortened very much. The tang looks that the original tang is completely filed off. If the third hole in the tang is original, blade length was around 75cm in its original. If there is no original hole, blade length was around 80cm.
It is difficult to guess the smith, but very fine sword anyway. It looks like Mino blade from 15th - 16th century.

Steel color is very clear.

Hamon is very bright. Of course, utsuri appears as Mino style.

We regret it is difficult to see the clearness of steel and brightness of hamon by pictures. Anyway this is a masterpiece of Mino tradition.
The polishing is very fresh done with the classical style by Mr. Akio Muraki.


Habaki is made of copper. It is newly made and very nice work by Mr. Shizuo Sugawara.

Fittings for the handle

The butt cap (kashira) with hone is the point of Musashi style mount. But we are not sure if such an unique mount is developed by Musashi Miyamoto himself. Anyway, they call it "Musashi style".

The silk cord is applied with brown urushi lacquer. The menuki is sanko (vajra) design.



The attachment to settle the blade into the handle is added.

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