Chinese blade in Japanese Army sword mount

blade length 63.4cm,  width at the base 32mm,  thickness at thebase 8mm.

The blade is straight and has double edges.
The steel construction may be three layered. The cutting edge steel may be hard enough. The outer steel may be mild because the suguha hamon is not very bright. The hamon line is bright on some parts and dim on some parts. The layer pattern is a flowing wood grain, but a little rough.
This is not so excellent as Japanese swords, but it is still interesting to study old Chinese blade.

The blade has three cracks in the hamon area.
A close up picture of one of the cracks from the reverse side of the blade.

They are a little difficult to be seen on pictures.
The hamon and an appearance that suggests us its steel construction "three layers".
The blade was polished by the modern style recently, but the work is not very excellent.


whole length 92cm

The primary owner was a field officer who worked in the Japanese Army as doctor. He got this blade as a trophy in Japan-China war (1894-1895). Then he put the blade into his Army Sword.
The relief on the handle means that this sword is for field officer.

The button of blade stopper.


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