New sword7
Tanto within Kaiken mount

blade length 18.7cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 22mm
signature "Keiun, tsuchinoto-ushi Hachi-gatsu nichi" (2009 August)

The steel is a small wood grain layer pattern. It is visible.

The hamon is konie (small particles) making ko-choji and ko-midare pattern, it is not a simple suguha. It doesn't appear clear utsuri.

Habaki, silver

The kaiken style mount is a clear urushi finish.

It is beautiful with the wood grain.

As option, we can put some gold mark on the scabbard, for example flowers, dragon, family mark, or so. The extra cost is about 50,000.yen.
(for example => Kaiken)


The system of the double scabbard (Ireko-saya)

This system is better than shirasaya to keep blade clean. When inside of scabbard becomes dirty, shirasaya must be split to clean inside. On the other hand, this system can draw out the inner scabbard easily to clean its inside.

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