New sword 7
Experiment of Gyaku-kobuse style construction
This is by a request of customer. It is not a usual gyaku-kobuse style, but a unique one. The core steel is masame (straight layer pattern). And the outer steel is made with two layers those are a steel what is normally put on for outside (outer#1), and the other steel what is put changing the folding orientation 90 degrees for inside(outer#2).

Forging the core steel
Hard pieces of tamahagane are selected, and then fold'n welded.
On the work of 7 times folding

The core steel is forged out after 14 times folding. And then, the steel block is turned 90 degrees to show straight layer pattern on the surface.

Forging the outer steel 1
Soft steel pieces and a small amount of too hard steel pieces are selected. And start fold'n welding work.
On the half way of fold'n welding work of the outer steel 1.

It is folded 10 times.

Forging the outer steel 2
Hard pieces and soft pieces of tamahagane are picked up, and fold'n welded.
It is on the work of 7 times folding.

Finally it is folded 13times, and cut off from the handle.

Then, the outer 2 is put on the outer 1, changing the folding orientation 90 degrees. And then, they are welded together. The outer steel is made out.

The outer steel is rolled settling the outer 2 inside, and put on the core steel.

The steels are welded in one block, and then drawn out roughly.

Steel bar what is drawn out to the blade length

Shaped by hammering

Shaped by plane and files

It is tempered.

On the way of shaping work with the rough stone

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