Wakizashi shortened

blade length 45.0cm, thickness at the base 6mm, width 2.8cm

This is a shortened wakizashi. The original length was around 52cm ~ 53cm. And the signature was kept with the work of folding tang at the end of it. But now, the folded signature has disappeared.

Steel is fine with a wood grain layer pattern.

Hamon is a choji pattern including some gunome. It is made of small particles. Utsuri appears.

The manner of shortening work is very proper. The signature was kept as folded tang, but now it is destroyed and disappear.

Someone attributes it to Ichimonji, and other one does it to Takada or Osafune Katsumitsu. Some part of hamon looks Ichimonji, but some gunome with tight temper line looks 15th century or so. Anyway no one know the smith who made it. It is a nice and healthy blade. And it might have a big name on the tang what was worth to keep it by such a complicated work.

Habaki, gold foiled

Shirasaya and bag

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