Katana, no signature

blade length 65.1cm, curvature 2.2cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 3.3cm

This is a katana blade originally no signature within katana style mount. It looks Shin-shinto in Mino tradition.

Steel has a flowing layer pattern. The steel construction may be the "two blocks". The steel near the edge has very compact layer pattern, and the body steel has more visible layer pattern. The border of those two steels makes an appearance like bo-utsuri.

Hanon is made of small particles (nioi and ko-nie). Its pattern is gunome, hamon in kissaki is straight pattern. Hamon is bright, and steel is clear colour, but no utsuri.

This is a nice Shin-shinto blade showing Mino tradition, but the condition is not very good. It has some scratches and small rust stains. It may be used for iai practice.

On the obverse side, there is some remains of gold description. But it is difficult to read.


Mount is old, probably from 19th century. But the condition is not very good.

Paper is added. It is ranked to Tokubetsu Kicho Token by NBTHK. They attribute it to Kanetomo in Aizu clan.

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