Tanto, Kata-kiriha-zukuri

"Keiun Naohiro"

blade length 23.2cm
The obverse side is Hira-zukuri, and the reverse side is Kiriha-zukuri. So it is a Kata-kiriha-zukuri.
The steel is mainly a flowing layer pattern, but around the hamon on the obverse side is a small wood grain layer pattern.
Obverse side

Reverse side

The hamon is a Choji pattern made of konie (small particles). The hamon line is bright, and the hardened area is full of small particles.
The utsuri starts clearly, and then it spread as large misty pattern.
The polishing work is very good in its shape, every surface is very even. And the finish is calm classical style. It brings the hamon and the steel colour naturally.


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