Tanto in Osoraku-zukuri

blade length 23.4cm,  curvature 0.2cm,  thickness at the base 7mm,  width 3.1cm
The steel is fine with a small wood grain layer pattern and dense jinie (steel particles).

The hamon is Juka-Choji pattern made of konie (small particles). Some kinsuji appears, the largest one is a lightning pattern in kissaki of obverse side.
The irregular patterned utsuri (shadow of hamon) is very clear, because the area between hamon and utsuri is deep colour.

On the whole, the appearance is excellent with the active and natural choji patterned hamon and clear midare utsuri in the fine steel.
The engravings are, a groove on the obverse, and twin narrow grooves on the reverse. They suggest a Buddha and his two servants.
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