Tachi blade "Naohiro" with Katana Koshirae

blade length 73.7cm,  curvature 2.4cm,  thickness at the base 8mm,  width at the base 32mm,  weight 860g.
It is a tachi style blade with a beautiful choji hamon.
The steel is fine with a small wood grain layer pattern.

The hamon is made of mainly konie (small particles) and additionally nie (large particles), making a choji pattern.
The brightness of hamon is also attractive as well as its pattern.
The utsuri (shadow of hamon) appears as an irregular pattern but it is not very clear by this polishing. Probably it will become clear by longterm treatment, proper way with uchiko powder and choji oil. 
The amazing view of hamon and utsuri indicates the quality of this blade.
On the whole, This is a beautiful blade with well organized shape, attractive hamon/utsuri, and clear coloured steel.
This blade is polished by a classical style (sashikomi). But the steel colour by front seeing is black like a modern style polishing as if we could call it "modern sashikomi" style. Usually sashikomi style polishing has more dim colour of steel by front seeing.
Therefore this blade looks more attractive for eye by this polishing.
In other hand, when we try to study the hamon/utsuri by proper reflection of light, the view of utsuri is a little masked by the polishing work. It is a dilemma of polishing, which is better natural colour to study blade well, or makeup colour to show blade attractive?
Anyhow this is a very beautiful blade even if the view is a little made up by skilful polishing.
The habaki is polished silver.


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