Spear (yari) of Hira-Sankaku-zukuri

blade length (including the neck) 33.0cm,  width 3.8cm,  thickness at the neck 1.3cm
The steel is large wood grain layer pattern with a little rough grain on the obverse side. Some rough layer or open layer appears

Compact grain and dense steel particles on the reverse side.

The hamon pattern is gunome, notare and some small tobiyaki on the obverse side. The hamon line is made of mild konie (small particles). There are appearances come from the relation between the hamon line and the layer, such as sunagashi and kinsuji.

The hamon on the reverse side is made of konie (small particles), nie (large particles), and some ara-nie (rough particles). The gunome pattern runs irregularly combining tobiyaki (jumping hamon) and yubashiri (nie particles apart the main hamon). There is a different colour on the neck that shows the phases of hardening effect. It is the same effect to mizukage.

By the way, it is difficult to take good pictures of this blade, because the shape is complicated. Then, I will try to make an oshigata to help introducing the hamon.

The Sanskrit letter on the neck is "Aizen-Myo'O".  The buddha is a symbol of love, but it is not a sweet love. The buddha looks like a fire of love.
In rough saying, the obverse side shows effects of layer. The reverse side shows effects of the hardening work.


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