Wakizashi, O-shuriage, (Taema)
Wakizashi with Shirasaya

blade length 59.7cm, curvature 1.0cm, width at the base 29mm, thickness 8mm
A powerful and healthy wakizashi, shortened to the length of almost katana size. It can be attributed to the Taema school in Yamato province in 14th century. The blade quality is excellent.
The steel is a large wood grain layer pattern. It is visible and a little rough. And so is the particles of steel. The appearance brings powerful and wild impression.

The hamon is an irregular pattern, made of large particles (nie).
The nie particles flow up out of the hamon here and there, and run along the layer patterns. It also looks powerful and steady.
This blade has a cutting mark on its back. It is a pride from the sword battle in the past. And more interesting point is, the cutting mark still have enemy's edge bitten in it.

The tang is not original. It was reshaped when the blade was shortened. The shortening work might have done twice or so.

The total character of this blade is powerful and wild, it must be a good weapon on battle field in old days. It is appreciated that honest and non decorated attitude of this blade. It moves our heart so much. We can't find such good quality blades after 16th century.

Unfortunately, there are some thin scratches on the upper part of the blade. It came from play of cutting cardboard boxes by the previous owner. Please never play with such masterpieces, even if you are so rich.
The habaki is a simple shape of gilded copper. It is suitable for such a simple blade.


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