Wakizashi "Naotane"

blade length 45.1cm, curvature 9mm, thickness at the base 8mm, width 2.7cm, thickness at yokote 6mm, width 1.9cm

Signature "Shoji Chikuzen (no) daijo Naotane (seal)"

Date "Bunsei 10 year (1827) February", and engraver's signature "Ujoken Yoshitane hori shi" (Ujoken Yoshitane engraved this)

The steel is a wood grain layer pattern.

The hamon is gunome and choji pattern, including many small kinsuji and sweeping pattern.

This can be called a perfect blade of Naotane. Additionally, the signature of the engraver "Yoshitane" is rare.

Habaki is gold foiled double.

NBTHK paper is rank of Hozon -token.

This blade is posted in the book "Special exhibition of 30th anniversary of NBTHK Saitama branch".

Shirasaya, bag, paper, and book

2,230,000.yen (consignment)


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