Tanto "Toshihisa"

blade length 24.4cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 2.6cm

This is a tanto blade made by Toshihisa who is a son of Masatoshi. The smith Masatoshi was famous with his nickname "sword smith on the Shomaru Pass", and also called "demon of sword making". His son Toshihisa also works with his father's style and lives on the Shomaru Pass.

The steel is a small wood grain layer pattern with flowing pattern. But it includes much hamon particles (nie) flooded over from the hamon.

The hamon pattern is gunome and wavy pattern. It is made of large particle (nie), and it floods over the ji part. Probably the smith tried to show so-called Soshu style, especially Masamune style.

The Sanskrit letter means the Buddha "Aizen-myo'oh". It can be found on Kanze Masamune too.



"Heisei 10 nen aki" (1998 Autumn)

Habaki, gold foiled

Shirasaya and bag

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