Katana, blade within full mount of koshirae

blade length 66.1cm, curvature 2.0cm, thickness at the base 8mm, width 3.1cm

The steel is a small wood grain layer pattern.

The hamon is a large gunome pattern made of small particles and large particles.

The polishing is the modern style with very clear contrast between black shining steel colour and white hadori. But the hamon is not bright in this polishing. There is not much activities to speak of.


"oite Tohto, Yonezawa ju AKAMA Tsunanobu" (AKAMA Tsunanobu lives in Yonezawa city, made this in Tokyo)

"Bunsei 12 nen 2 gatsu kichijitsu" (1829 February lucky day)
The shaping work of tang is not proper, since the surface meat on the obverse side is less than the reverse.

Habaki: gold foiled

Mount: full mount of katana style

The fuchi and kashira set shows the motif of "Monster Nue".

NBTHK paper is added. The rank is Hozon-token.


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