Tachi "Yoshifusa"

blade length 65.1cm

This is a tachi blade signed "Yoshifusa". It is a little shortened.
"Yoshifusa" is a very famous smith of Ichimonji school in 13th century. The signature looks OK, and so is the hamon. But the utsuri is not very clear comparing with his usual work. And there is much mune-yaki (hamon on back). So our conclusion is the doubt of re-hardened in 15th or 16th century when the shortening work was done. It was common to reform damaged blades in old days.

The registration number is Hyogo 13196, and the date is July 2nd 1952.
Of course the previous owner believed it genuine. This blade was mounted within a mount what has gold fittings with Aoi marks (symbol of shogun family). But now, it is mounted only within shirasaya.

(More images will come soon.)

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