Tanto "Kei'un Naohiro"

blade length 18.1cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 2.0cm


Hamon is made of small particles and large particles.

This is a small tanto owned by a wife of Yakuza. The Yakuza is Mr. Koji Kato who was a boss of Fukaya-Kato family in Inagawa-kai group. Recently he found himself got cancer. It was already in serious stage. So he decided to dissolve his family. Then he settled all the members for new life and disposed everything around him. And finally he divorced his wife to prepare himself to go to the hell alone.


signature "Kei'un Naohiro"

inscription "tame Yukiyo, mizunoto hitsuji uzuki" (for Yukiyo, 2003 April)
Yukiyo is the name of the wife.

Habaki is made of solid gold. The mark on it is the family mark of Kato family.

Mount and bag

The gold painting on scabbard is wisteria. It is the symbol of Kato family.

The polishing is not very perfect condition. So if you need, we can re-polish it with cost of 50,000.yen.

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