Sword Rescue by Kokaji
Katana "Masayoshi" (Sakakura-Seki)

blade length 65.5cm, thickness at the base 6.5mm, width 2.9cm

One of my friend found this blade at an antique shop. The condition is not very good, because of scratches and stains. But the blade itself is good and interesting.
The blade is shortened. Probably it was done at the second WW to reform it to the Army sword. The scabbard was originally samurai style one, but now the kurikata is removed and the bottom of it is cut off. Probably it was covered with leather to take it as army sword. Handle is missing.


On the obverse side, it is gunome pattern made of large particles. It looks like Seki blade.
On the reverse side, it is a hitatsura with many jumping hamon. It brings wild and powerful feeling. It looks like Shizu Saburo Kaneuji or smiths of Naoe-Shizu.
Of course utsuri appears.

It is shortened. So the obverse side is original in the lower half. The reverse side is fully filed.

Masayoshi is a smith in 15th and 16th century in Mino province. They have several generations, but I am not sure what generation this is. They lived in Sakakura city. They didn't live in Seki city, but their swords look like Seki blades. So people call this school "Sakakura-Seki. This school had some relation with Muramasa school.

This blade is a good sample to show Masayoshi's good work. Probably he is one of the real smith of O'suriage swords what are attributed to Shizu or Naoe-Shizu. People can plan to cut off end of the tang where signature exists, and get paper. Sadly, no-signatured Shizu with paper is more expensive than signed Masayoshi in market. I wanted to rescue this Masayoshi. Then, I asked Noriko to take it from my friend, and introduce it to serious sword lovers.

Habaki is double, and made of brass.

Only scabbard is added.

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