Tachi in Kissaki-moroha-zukuri
"Keiun Naohiro"

blade length 76.4cm,  curvature 1.6cm
The steel is small wood grain layer pattern. The steel particles (jinie) are dens.

The hamon is made of konie (small particles). Its pattern is mainly choji, and it becomes suguha in the double edged part. The activity of the choji hamon is very natural and its particles are bright.
Utsuri appears as irregular pattern, and the area between utsuri and hamon is clear.

The appearance of the clear coloured steel and the bright hamon is fantastic.The smith said it is one of the best blades he has ever made.
The polishing is the classical style (sashikomi). Itis so honest that all the appearances come naturally. There is not anytrick nor obstruction to study blade.

The habaki is oxidized silver.


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