Tachi koshirae

Blade "Keiun Naohiro"

blade length 76.4cm,  curvature 1.6cm, kisssaki-moroha-zukuri style

Tsuba  "Nobuchika"
9.1cm x 9.1cm, thickness rim 4mm, centre 3mm

A design of five Sanskrit letters and swords. This design is taken froman old tsuba in 14th century. We had Nobuchika make it with the design.
Each of the Sanskrit letters represents one Buddha. They mean the five great Myo'o.Myo'o is one of the forms of Buddha. The swords suggest their power.

Metal fittings

Kashira or Kabuto-gane (handle cap)

Sarute (ring at the end of handle)

Hatome (lips of the hole for sarute)


Koiguchi (throat of scabbard)
Ashi (hanging equipment)

The rivets for hanger leather.

Kashiwaba (hoop)
Kojiri (bottom of scabbard)

Menuki, design of Sanko. Sanko came from an Indian weapon, and became a symbol of power in Buddhism.


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