Sword general
The story "Masamune and Muramasa"
The story "monster NUE"
How to tie the cord of koshirae bag
Hand trace of blades, (OSHIGATA in Japanese)
Remembrance from the NEWS page
TACHI and KATANA, what is the difference?
Nicknames of swords
A Katana in real fight
Actual examples of Restoration work
The face, obverse/reverse of Swords
Episodes by Kokaji
Why no signature on good quality blade

How to treat the blade
Flaws of blades
Tang, (NAKAGO in Japanese)
How to appreciate blade quality
A small consideration about Shintogo Kunimitsu
What is sharpness? and KANTEI
Poetical expression in the terms of blade (under construction)
A sword in fire accident
Grooves on sword and their meaning
Let's study O-suriage blades
Treatment with Uchiko powder

1) Shape
Shaping, haniku/hiraniku and kissaki
Styles in the shape of blades
Types of kissaki form, and FUMBARI
Manner of blade shortening, (SURIAGE)
Changing of blade shape by Wearing

History of Kissaki-Moroha-zukuri style blade

2) Steel

Steel construction, TSUKURIKOMI
Steel, how to appreciate it.
Definition of Iron, Steel,and Cast Iron as a basic introduction.
What is "Shingane"? (core steel)
Samples to study Steel Layers and Grains

3) Hamon (hardened pattern)

Examples of Hamon pattern

Utsuri (Shadow of Hamon)

Polishing (Togi)
Togi, Shaping
Togi, Polishing, the modern style and the classical style
Process of the polishing work  (under construction)
Is the hamon changed by re-polishing?

Is the grain changed by re-polishing?
Acid polishing and Fake hamon
How to use Hazuya, just an easy way for amateur polishing
Several styles of blade polishing
Actual polishing practice by an aprentice

Sword mount (Koshirae)
KOSHIRAE, mounts of the sword
How to tie the cord on scabbard
Actual examples of producing KOSHIRAE (sword mount)
Styles of ray skin wrapping on handle

Dai-Sho Koshirae
Motif on sword mount
Samples of Sword Mount we produced
Sageo, Kurikata, and two small holes on tsuba

Sword guard (Tsuba)
TSUBA, Japanese names of parts
The method of making a tsuba steel with tekkotsu
TSUBA of cast iron, it is dangerous.

The faces, obverse/reverse, of Tsuba
How to treat Iron Tsuba

Punchings around the tang hole of tsuba

The two small holes on tsuba

Other fittings
HABAKI, types
Animals on Sword Fittings
How are the Fuchi and Kashira made?

Actual examples of YAKI-IRE, (the heat treatment to harden the cutting edge)
An experiment to see the Inner Effect of Hardening
Studying the difference of tempering effect on the same steel
Actual works of Making Grooves
How to make Sister blades in Kobuse steel construction (tanto blades)
A way of forging Tamahagane
Actual example to make a Norishige like appearance
Project "Gotoba" (tempering experience by customers)


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