Types of Habaki

The habaki is very important for the sword, because it settles the blade into the scabbard.
So it should be well fitting on the blade. Good shape is necessary.
The decoration on it is secondary.
Double habaki
This type is made of two pieces.
(gold foiled)
  (solid gold)
Dai-tsuki habaki (based style)
This is one type of double habaki. It has flat base at the bottom of habaki.
"dai-tsuki" means "based".
  (solid gold)
(The shape of blade is not a matter of habaki style.)
Koshi-Yujo style
It has the special file work on the lower part of it.
This file mark is called "Yujo". It was a famous metal worker's name.
And "koshi" means lower part.
(silver) (gold foiled)
Kaga style
It was in a fashion in Kaga province. (Ishikawa prefecture)
The crossing deep grooves is its characteristic.
(gold foiled)
Kawagoe style
It was a style of the Kawagoe clan in Musashi province. (Kawagoe city in Saitama prefecture)
The horizontal notches are its characteristic.
(oxidized silver)

Tachi style
It is common on tachi style mounts.
The shape is slim and neat.
(yamagane: un-refined copper)

Habaki of O-Kanehira (National treasure)

Rock style
The design looks like rock.
(silver foiled)

Yoko-yasuri style

A habaki style for ken blade

A decorative habaki in 18-19th century
The throat of habaki is very long.

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