Nicknames of swords
It is not common, but some swords have a nickname that are put by some reasons.
For example, by its cutting quality.
Kago-Tsurube, (Draw water by basket), impossible to stay.
Sasa-no-Yuki, (Snow on bamboo leaves) means easy to (cut) down.
Sasa-no-Tsuyu, (Dewdrop on bamboo leaf), same to Sasa-no-Yuki.
By appearance of the hamon
Mikazuki, (Crescent moon) => Mikazuki Munechika
Ara-Iso, (Rough beach)
Asa-Arashi, (Morning storm)
Yamatorige, (Feather of pheasant)
Hatsu-shimo, (First frost of the season)
By its shape
Hocho, (Kitchin nife), thin and broad tanto.
Oni-(no)-Hocho, (Devil's kitchin nife), big size wakizashi
Oh-, (great) => Oh Kanehira
By episode in the past.
Kusanagi, (grass cutting)
Doji-giri, (cut the burglar "Shuten-doji) => Doji-giri Yasutsuna
Nikkari, (mimemic word of smiling), cut a smiling ghost
Tombo-giri, (cut a dragonfly)
By owner's name

By the motif of mount
Kogarasu-maru (Little crow), the mount had little crows motif metal fittings

Reason unknown
Shishioh (Lion king)
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