Dai-Sho (or Dai-Sho Koshirae)
Dai-sho is a matter of mount. It is Katana mount and Wakizashi mount made as a pair. The word "dai-sho" means "big and small" or "long and short".
Recently the word can be used to the pair of long and short blades made by the same smith, but it is not a meaning of dai-sho koshirae. The blades in dai-sho mounts are not necessary to be made by the same smith.
On the dai-sho mount, the painting on scabbards and colour of handles should be same between dai and sho. On the other hand, it is difficult to find an original paired fittings on all parts. Same material and similar motif may be enough. Anyhow, the style and the feeling of each mounts should be matched.
Actual example of our work (=>Making a Dai-Sho koshirae)

Some examples of fittings
These two pairs of fuchi/kashira are not an original dai-sho set, but the material and the theme is almost same. Probably they are made by the same school. Just the design of chrysanthemum is a little different.
They will be able to put on dai-sho mount.

These are an original set of Dai-sho tsuba.

Dai (for Katana) = 86mm x 81mm x 4mm
Sho (for Wakizashi) = 75mm x 70mm x 4mm

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