Making a Dai-Sho koshirae
Blade of Dai

blade length 68.3cm, curvature 2.2cm, thickness at the base 8.5mm, width at the base 3.2cm
Blade of Sho

blade length 40.6cm, curvature 0.4cm, thickness at the base 8mm, width at the base 4.0cm
We plan to make a Dai-Sho koshirae for the blades, that is in a style of calm and powerful swords in Muromachi period.


Sho (=> Tsuba, old and simple)

The Fuchi for Dai.
The Fuchi for Sho.
The base of the mount for Dai.

The scabbard is going to urushi painting, and the handle is going to ray skin wrapping.
Kogatana for Sho is made by the smith who made the blades.
It is big size to accord with the Sho blade. The blade and handle is made of one piece. The handle is shaped in bamboo design.

whole length 24cm,  blade length 13.7cm,  width 18mm

The handle wood and the ray skin. The kashira is a buffalo horn.

The ray is wrapped up with glue.

The handle for Sho

The two pairs of menuki that will suitable for the Dai-Sho, normal size and huge size.
The normal one is for Dai, and the huge one is for Sho.

The koshirae's are finished.



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