How to tie the Cord on Scabbard (SAGEO in Japanese)
One type for tanto.

A simple and orthodox style for any type of swords.

At first, we have to pass the cord through the kurikata.
A small sheet of plastic film is convenient for the work.

Pass the cord wrapping with the plastic film.

This cord has different colours on each side.
Tying way.


(=> Sageo, Kaerizuno, and two holes on tsuba)

The next type is just for display.
In such style, the cord can't do its duty to hold the scabbard on the waist.
It is not for Samurai. Such a style was taken by wealthy merchant or so. Because they didn't consider swords as weapon, but they displayed it as their status symbol on the waist.


make a knot.

making knots again and again.

pass the cord through the knots.
fix the shape.
Today, some people who don't understand Samurai spirit take such a style. But do not make it with real cord. Such complicated knots damages the cord.

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