Year2002 Club's Plan
Month Mountain Purpose Date Member
Apr. Mt. Kogashi Hiking & climbing Apr. 21 T.K, T.F, MY.H, MR.H, H.T, Y.H, A.S, H.S, Y.T, F.F, M,A, Y.K, T.I
GW Mt. Hijiri(3013m) Snow Mountain May.2-5 T.K, T.F, MY.H, A.S, H.T
May. Mt.Kagonoto One day hiking May.12 T.K, A.S, M.A, Y.H, T.I, Y.I
Jun. Mt.shirosuna(2140m) Camping and Mountain Jun.15-16 T.K, T.F, Y.I, T.Y, MY.H, MR.H, H.S, T.K, K.N, H.T, Y.H, Y.I, T.I
Jul. Narumizu river Water climbing Jul.20-21 T.F, MY.H, H.S, Y.T,H.T, Y.H, T.I, Y.K, T. K
Aug Variation around Mt. Tsurugi(2998m)
 D-face of Ystsumine 6th peak
 Sennin lake & ikenotaira
 A1 ridge of Mt.Tsurugi's south face
 A2 ridge of Mt.Tsurugi's south face
 Mt. Tsurugi

Summer vacation Jul.29-Aug.2 T.F, MY.H, H.S, Y.T, Y.H, F.F, T.K
Sep. River of Mt.Hiragatake(2141m) Water climbing Sep.13-14 T.F, MY.H, Y.T, A.S, H.T, J.S, T.K
Oct. Mt. Tengudake(2640m) Autumn peak Canceled due to bad weather condition
Nov. Makuiwa of Yugawara Free climbing Nov.2-3 T.K, F.F, A.T, A.S, H.S, T.I, J.S, T.W
Dec. Plan was Mt. Tengudake(2640m) but actual was skiing Not snow mountain but ski Dec.8 T.K, T.F, H.S, A.S, T.I
Jan. Mt. Yatsugatake(2899m) Snow climbing Jan.11-13. H.T, J.S, A.S, K,I, T.K
Jan. Mt. Okumusashi One day hiking Jan.26. TBD
Feb. (Mountain?)ski Ski training TBD. TBD
Mar. Mt. Tanigawadake(1963m) Snow mountain TBD. TBD
Year 2002 Personal Planned Record
Date Destination Style Member
Mar.26 Mt.Yunomaru Mountain ski T.F , etc.
Apr.6 Shibakura ski Mountain ski T.F, etc.
Apr.6 Mt. Uramyougi Mountain A.S, H.S.
Apr.13 Mt.shirane Mountain A.S, H.S.
Apr.27-29 Mt around OZE Mountain H.S. etc.
Apr.29 Mt. UraMyougi Mountain T.K, MY.H
May.2 Mt. OmoteMyougi Mountain T.I
May.2 Mt. Mituiwadake Mountain H.S
May.2-5 Mt. Senjyo Snow Mountain Y.I Famiry
May.19 Mt. Futago Mountain A.S, T.I
May.24 Mt. Karikura Mountain A.S, H.S, T.I
May.26 Mt. Tanigawa Alpine climbing T.F
Jun.1 Mt. Yunomaru Mountain Y.H
Jun.1 Mt. Nasu Kumagaya city plan hiking T.K, MY.H
Jun.1 Mt. Onageshi Mountain T.I
Jun.2 Mt. Haruna Kuroiwa rock Free Climbing T.K, MY.H, H.S, T.I
Jun.1-2 Mt. Tanigawa Henkei-Chimny route
Nanryou Franke direct route
Alpine climbing T.F etc.
Jun.7-8 Mt. Tanigawa Mountain Y.I
Jun.7-9 Mt. Yarigadake Mountain T.I
Jun.9 Rock of Saku Free Climbing T.K, MY.H, F.F, H.S, Y.T
Jun.9 Mt. Akagi Hiking Y.I Famiry
Jul.6 Rock of Saku Free Climbing T.F, H.S, T.I, T.K
Jul.13 Mt. Togakushi Mountain H.S, etc
Jul.13 Mt. Mizugaki Alpine climbing T.F etc.
Jul.21 Mt.syumon Mountain K.Y family
Jul.26-30 Mt. Kasagatake, Mt.Sugorokudake Mountain Y.I Famiry
Jul.27-28 Mt. Hotaka Mountain T.F etc.
Jul.27-30 Mt. Yarigadake Mountain MR.H, T.K
Aug.7-9 Mt. Hodaka Mountain H.S
Aug.10-13 Mt. Tsurugi Variation route T. I
Aug.24-25 Mt. tanigawa Hitsugoh river Water climbing H.S. etc
Aug.25 Mt. Futagoyama Central ridge Alpine climbing T.K, MY.H, T.I etc.
Aug.25-26 Mt. Kitadake Pyramid face Alpine climbing T.F. etc
Aug.31-Sep.1 Mt. Kitadake 4th ridge Alpine climbing Y.M, H.S, J.S
Aug.31-Sep.1 Mt. Kitadake Pyramid face to 4th ridge Alpine climbing T.F, H.T, F.F
Aug.31-Sep.2 Mt. Kitadake 4th ridge Alpine climbing T.K, MY.H, T.I
Sep.2 Mt. Iwaki Mountain Y.H
Sep.15 Mt. Akagi Hiking K.Y family
Sep.22 2 rock climbing route of Mt. Ogawayama Free Climbing T.F, etc.
Sep.22 Mt. Kogashi Route finding H.S
Sep.22 Mt. Tateshina Mountain MY.H, A.T
Oct.11-13 Mt. Tanigawa : Henkei Chimny route, V style face right route Alpine climbing T.F, H.T, J.S
Oct.6 Rock of Kuroiwa Free Climbing T.F, T.K, F.F, T.I,H.S,H.M
Oct.11-13 M. hodaka Mountain T.I
Oct.12-13 Mt. Kobushi Mountain Y.H
Oct.13 Mt. Naeba Mountain T.K, MY.H
Oct.12-14 Mt. of Saitama/Gunma boundary Route finding H.S, etc.
Oct.27 Mt. OmoteMyougi Mountain H.S, A.S, T.I, etc
Nov.2 Mt. Takekawa Hiking K.Y family
Nov.2 Mt. Omotemyougi-Nishidake Mountain T.I
Nov.3 Rock of Mt. Kogashi Free Climbing T.F, etc.
Nov.4 Syouninn-Iwa Rock Free Climbing T.F, H.M
Nov.10 Mt. Karikura Route finding H.S, A.S, etc
Nov.10 Mt. Hanamagari Hiking T.K, Y.M, F.F, A.T, Y.T, T.I
Nov.23 Mt. Omotemyougi Mountain A.S, T.I