HijiriDake 3013m May.2-5. 2002.
Member: Kumagai, Fukazawa, Sakaue, Takada, Mayumi-Hatori

We departed Kumagaya city 18:15 May.2. Mr. Sono could not go with us suddenly, so we 5 members got
on my car Forester which is not a so big car. The car ran on highway via Hanazono, Komuro, Kousyoku and Matsumoto
to the destination Iida. We enterred the road to Yahazu tunnel 22:20. Finally, we arrived Tayorigashima parking spot 24:20.
It was big parking spot as I had thought before. We went to bed 1:30.

We waked up at 6:30. We started to mountain 8:15. It was 30 minutes to NishizawaWatari.
Here we had to get on a basket to go over the river. Thanks to preceding other party for drawing the rope of the basket.
We departed NishizawaWatari 9:05. Very hard steep slop had begun.
Our pace was a 1 hour walk and a 20 minute rest. At the final 4th pitch, 3 parties are climbing same time like a race,then
we arrived at AzamiDaira. 14:20. Here we saw Mt. KamikoutiDake and our target Mt. HijiriDake.
However, the mountain was not covered with snow so much, it was like a summer mountain.
We went to the HijiriDaira through the winter snow trace, however, little snow enforced us more effort.
The camping site of HijiriDaira was good due to no snow. There was only 3 tents including us.
Today we rested in relax for tomorrows task. With liqueur Sake, small party, then the dinner was pork soup and rice, and dessert.
I think we cooked better than expected. we went to bed 20:00.

May.4. We waked up at 4:30. The weather was not good. The summit of Mt. HijiriDake was covered with cloud.
However, we departed 6:30. From the AzamiDaira, we followed the snow trail in the forest.
Then we arrived the minor peak of KoHijiriDake. Wind begun strong from here.
Mayumi-Hatori was not good condition so she and I had several break before the summit.
At the just before of summit , Fukazasa, Sakaue, Takada was waiting us in freezing temperature.
We standed at the HijiriDake summit at 10:00. It was surrounded by snow. We cound not see anything
due to white gas, I was happy to come here. We soon went down after taiking a picture.
Fukazawa, Sakaue, Takada arrived at our tent after only1 hour and 30 minutes. It was 1 hour earlier than I and Mayumi-Hatori.
Due to the bad weather, We abandoned Mt. KamikoutiDake. So We decided to hold a party in our tent.
Fortunately, there were (too? ) many ligueur; wisky, burbon, sake, wine, plum wine, beer.
In the evening, the weather condition became worse. Our tent was covered by a winter cover which is not for rain but snow.
Due to the heavy rain, water became to drop inside the tent. So we went to the Inn there.
Fortunately there were only 10 people so that we could occupy enogh space at the 2nd floor.
Toda's dinner is a curry and rice with a dessert black suger jelly. Since we set too much water, curry was changed into
curry tasted soup. However, it tasted good.
Because all of other people in inn went to bed, we also went to bed 19:30
In the midnight, it was very heavy rain.

May.5 We once thought to climb Mt. HijiriDake again, but we abandoned becuase it also rainy.
Ironically atfer we put on rain wear, the sun shined. But next moment, the sun was behind the cloud.
I was chagrined, but I decided to go down 7:30.
We said last good bye to Azamidaira, then we went down of steep slope.
Fukazawa needed only 1 hour and 30 minute to NishizawaWatari. I and Mayumi-Hatori needed 2 hour and
30 minutes to there. It was10:45. Here, we dryed our wet tent and take a long break. We finally arrived
at TayorigaShima 12:00. Ironically, it was good weather. We saw Mt. HijiriDake summit from the road.
We departed TayorigaShima 12:30. We stopped at the hot spring of Iida city. We saw mountains of Japanese
Southern Alps. Snow was also little on the mountains. Then, after taking lunch, via Karisaka tunnnel, we
arrived Kumagaya city without traffic jam 21:30.
<< Mt. KamikoutiDake from AzamiDaira Mt. HijiriDake from AzamiDaira
From car, Mt.UsagiDake, Mt.HijiriDake(covered with cloud), Mt.KamikoutiDake (Left to right)
<< At the summit of Mt. HijiriDake