Tsurugi-Dake South face A1 ridge: Aug.1
Member: Fukazawa, Funato, Sono

Aug.1. 2002. Cloudy to Fine
Wind was veru strong and it was rain last night. We wait the recovery of weather and we detarted 7:00
The mountain trail to the Tsurugi-Dake was covered with white gas.
Harada and Tanaka went normal route to summit. We went down from Takezou's col toward the snow valley.
10:30 Funato, Sono and Fukazawa arrived at A1 ridge starting point.10:30. Kumagai and Mayumi-Hatori
tried to go A2 route but crevis were big and they abondaned the route. At A1 route, the 1st pitch was in bush.
Then, the 2nd pitch had no protection point. 3rd pitch had no protection too. While climbing, I felt anxiety about
the route finding. I felt easy when I found the protection poit at 4th pitch.
After a short break, I started climbing. Here was a very good view point for far mountains and snow valley below.
This is the preasure of alpine climbing. I heard the encourage of Kumagai and Mayumi.
Meantime, the climbing became easy. We untied rope and We arrived the summit of Mt. Tsurugi-Dake.
Thogh "the route grade 2 pitch grade III+ and 300m 2H" was written in certain guidebook, it will be difficult to
climb 300m at 2 hours. We took more than 3 hours. Since the first experienced route may have potential danger,
I thoght the climbing schedule needed enough time for it.
Fukazawa leads A1 ridge Route finding is difficult. Sono said "I'll go soon" At the summit of Mt. Tsurugi-Dake At the summit of Mt. Tsurugi-Dake A1 ridge