May.12. 2002 Mt. Kagonoto
Member: Kumagai, Sakaue, Arai, Harada, Takada, Ishizawa, Ishikawa

Morning 8:00, we met at Hanazono parking area. We had arrived at Jizou Touge at 10:00.We had started climbing at 10:35.
We didn't know that we could go to Ikenotaira. We trail the mountain path. The wether became well, but we could not see Mt. Kagonoto. Afer 1 hour and 10 minutes, we arrived a vista point. But we were still surrounded by white gas.
However, when going down from there, white gas became to be dismissed and we could see Mt. Kagonoto. We went to SanbougaMine first.
Then we select the center path of IkenoTaira plato, and via Kagami lake, we went to the parking area
12:30. After short break, we started to Mt. Hogashi-Kagonoto.
This time I dashed to the summit so that it took only 20 minutes to the summit. 13:05.
Far away, we could see Mt. Sihrane(Kusatsu), Mt.Myoko, Nothern Japanese Alps mountains, in our near side, Mt. Asama, Mt. Mizunoto, Mt. Yunomaru, Mt.Azumaya, etc.
Somebody found the top spear of Mt.Yarigadake over clouds.
Here we had lunch. Beer tasted excellent. After lunch we went to Mt. Nishi-Kagonoto.
The woman we met there was near resident ,so she saw this mountain this morning and decided to climb then. Very convenient.
Then, we returned to the parking area, then we went to Kaminari(Thunder's) hill, Unnjyou(Over cloud) hill. there we saw very Mt. Kagonoto. We had arrived Jizou Touge at 16:35
Though it is possible to go Ikenotaira by car, we walked. However, this time, we enjoyed the hiking.
We could see Mt. Kagonoto and below Ikenotaira At Ikenotaira. Even tourists can go here by car At the summit of Mt. Nishi-Kagonoto. While returning to the Jizou-Touge, we saw Mt. Kagonoto. At the Unjyou-No-Oka, we enjoyed last view, then, the sun was declined to the west.