Narumizu river and Mt. AsahiDake
Member: Fukazawa, Takada, Sono, Kato, Kumagai, Mayumi-Hatori, Harada, Tanaka, Ishikawa

We gathered Kumagaya city at 8.00 morning. After purchasing today's food, we started to
the mountain. At the Minakami interchange, Sono and Kato joined our party.
11:30 we arrived the last point of car road. We departed 12:00 to our tent site.
It was very hot today. My head is not clear while walking the road. I was played out before
arriving Hirogawara. What a fast speed Fukasawa's only 1 hour time from start point to here is!
From here, Narumizu gorge starts, the brave men entered from here were Fukazawa
Takada ,Sono and Kato. Kumagai, Mayumi-Hatori, Harada, Tanaka, Ishikawa continued
the montain path. The path was not good because it was too swampy.
On the way, the path joined the gorge. Ishikawa said he had found our gorge team 4 people going here.
Out tent site seems be near from here. Ishikawa said he went through gorge from here.
Rest 4 poeple went the mountain path. It was not so near to the test site. we tired entirely.
Takada appears suddenly and guided to the tent site. Gorge team members were very spirited
The gorge tream said they were very comfotable with several swimming and sinking(!).
Ishikawa suddenly appears here. He said that he returns the mountain path because of dangerous
water fall for one man alone. It was 17:00 that we arrived the tent site.
The dinner menu was Basil tasted and Mantaiko tasted spaghetti and vegetable salad with pear
and other fruits. it vas very delicious. By the way, there are many groups of tents here. At least
more than 6 group of tents.

Harada and Tanaka went directly to Mt. AsahiDake through the mountain path.
Other 7 people went Narumizu gorge. Narumizu gorge was very beautiful as I head before.
And the gorge did not have difficult falls to climb. At the 8m fall, we climbed the right side
and it was not difficult. There were many beatiful basins of waterfalls after the division point
of upper reaches. The final point was a beatiful plain. We reached the crest line at 9:00.
We went along a bush trail to the Junction Peak. We went beyond some dummy peaks.
We arrived the summit of Mt. AsahiDake. Unfortunately, there is no mountain view due to gas.
We left Mt. AsahiDake 10:40. Leaving of tent site 13:00. While going down, too hot temperature
makes my head unclear. I arrived my car site 17:45. It was 1 hour late time from others.
We started car 18:00. We went to "Yuterume" hot spring, and then went back to home.
After very hot mountain path, entry point of Narumizu gorge. Dinner time at tent site Next morning we started. 8m fish stopping fall Snow vally was broken.