Jan.11-13. 2003. Mt. Yatsugatake Akadake "Syuryo" (Main ridge) variation route.
Member :Takada, Shinohara, Sakaue, K.Ishikawa, Kumagai

Jan.11. We met kumagaya city 7:00. Total 5 men, are less than the first plan, got on Shinohara's car.
The run via Hanazono IC, Shimonita IC, Iwamurata and Kiyosato to Minoto-Guchi.
On the way to the Minotoguchi, at Nobeyama, we saw Mt. Yatsugatake covered with snow.
We arrived Minoto-Guchi, but we could not go to Minoto because the road was deeply covered with snow.
We started walking from Minoto-Guchi at 12:00. There was a car almost stucked at the downward slope.
We knew our decision was right. We arrived Minoto at 13:00.
At Minoto
We continue to walk toward Gyojya-Goya (There is a hut for mountaineers ). The mountain path was covered with snow, but the trace was clearly remained. I think I did not have enough exercise recently, so the walking speed is slow. I arrived Gyojya-Goya at 16:30. It is too late.
Sun had sunk already. It was very cold when we were preparing our tent. We soon made our dinner.
The dinner was Miso tasted meat and vegitables and Udon. After dinner, we discussed tomorrow's plan.
As a result, we decided to climb "Syuryo" (Main ridge) of Mt. (Peak) Akadake. we went to bed 20:30.

Jan.12. We got up 4:30. We tried to start climbing as early as possible. But we took time for preparation.
And due to my missing cranpons (I found it finally in my rucksack!), the start was 7:35.
Anyhow, we went up the Bunzaburo path (which is a normal winter mountain path)1 hour to the starting
point of "syuryo" route. There were already 8 people. Everybody were waiting to climb "Syuryo" route.
Further, they said that at least 3 parties were preceding. We have to wait until our turn.
After our party, several parties came here, but perhaps they abondoned it.
Finally, our party was the last party of climbers. We waited in the cold white gas.
We started climbing 9:00. A group of Takada, Sakaue and Shinohara started at first. Then Kumagai
and K.Ishikawa started. The route consists of 9 pitch. The first chimney was difficult. However,
There was no more difficult pitch than the first chimney. The weather became fine.
Takada, Sakaue and Shinohara arrived at summit 13:00. Kumagai and K. Ishikawa arrived 13:50.
For me, I cleared the route after several trial. (Before, I failed to climb due to bad weather .)
Shinohara at belaying Takada at 9th pitch At the summit of Akadake

We went down via Jizou-One. We arrived Gyojya-Goya 15:30. We drinked the toast of today's climbing.
The dinner was soup spagetti.

Jan.13. We got up 5:00. We started 7:15 and arrived Minoto-Guchi 9:25.
We arrived Kumagaya city at 13:30.