Tanto, Shin-shinto, Mumei

blade length 18cm,  curvature 1mm.
This blade is made by the sandwich steel construction, Sam'mai or so, and the appearance looks like Kiyomaro's.

This blade is polished by our apprentice, so the appearance suggests the quality honestly.
The border between outer steel and inner steel appears among the temper line. The border divides the hamon pattern for two areas.
The inner steel has very compact layer pattern, and the mild Konie (small particles) making the hamon. The outer steel has a large layer pattern, and Nie (large particles) making the hamon. The appearance of hamon may be attractive for eye.
The inner steel is a little mild, still has enough hardness as cutting edge. The calm hamon particles suggest that.
The outer steel is harder and rougher than the inner steel, and is made intentionally to get visual effect. The hamon looks hard with the wild appearance of large particles, but it never suggests the quality of cutting edge. Because the outer steel doesn't make the cutting edge. To study the appearance in the inner steel is important to see hamon.
The appearance could become far more attractive for eye, if it is polished by the modern style.

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