Tsuba 6
"Akasaka Tadatoki"

77mm x 69mm, thickness 5mm

Close-up of signature

"Bushu ju, Akasaka"(on the left photo), "Tadatoki saku"(on the right photo), that means "Made by Akasaka Tadatoki, who lives in Musashi province".

The motif is autumn grasses what suggests "Musashi-no". Musashi-no means an open field in Musashi province. It is the Kanto plain today that includes Tokyo. The motif "Musashi-no" illustrates a large field only with grass where has no buildings. The view was quite different from Tokyo in 21st century.
This tsuba is made by Tadatoki who is a head of Akasaka school. Tadatoki includes several generations, but it is difficult to distinguish each of them. The age of this tsuba is 18th century or 19th century.
The design, the cut out work and a little convex surface shows the tradition of Akasaka school. But the rust condition is not perfect. The rust is a little thinner on some parts. Probably it was rubbed too much in the past to remove some rough rust.

Wood box and cushion is added.

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