Sword 10
3 blades on consignment released by a collector
1, "Kanenaga"

blade length 29.4cm, thickness 7mm
Kanenaga is a smith in Seki school in Mino province in 16th century. This is a nice blade with neat straight pattern hamon and fine steel. It shows one of the typical styles of Mino blades.
The blade surface gas some scratches, but still it is good enough to study blade.

Signature "Kanenaga"

Habaki is silver.


2, "Kanekage"

blade length 31.0cm, thickness 6mm
This Kanekage is a smith in Mimasaka province who comes from Mino province. Of course, the blade looks quite same to the blades of Seki school. The age is 17th century. So it is Shinto, but still it keeps the quality of koto in Seki school. Polishing work is good sashikomi style (classical style).

Signature "Mimasaka(no)kuni ju Kanekage" (Kanekage lives in Mimasaka province)

Habaki is made of silver.


3, "Kaneshiro"

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