New sword6
A challenge by kokaji to copy "Huga Masamune"
I received a request from a customer to make a tanto what is copy of Huga Masamune. Then, I will try several blades with such an appearance.

At first, I have to research what "Huga Masamune" is.

blade length 24.9cm
No signature, attributed to Masamune in Sagami province 14th century, the engraving is not original

On the picture above, the polishing is the modern style so it is impossible to see hamon in the pictures. But it seems that the hamon outline is same on both sides (omote and ura) with 5 waves. It is a typical style of Mino tradition. I am not sure if Masamune also took such style. Anyway no one know if this is Soshu or not.

Hamon sketch from a book

Another hamon sketch and close-up picture from the book "Masamune 2002"

In the close-up picture, the hard steel mixed among the steel layer is very visible. So it suggests the base steel is mild. On such steel, the blade should be heated to high temperature in the hardening work, since the steel may not make sensitive reaction by the quenching. Such heating work makes the steel particles larger.

I have to find a chance to study it in my eye, even if in the window.

Forging the outer steel
Hard pieces and soft pieces of tamahagane are picked up, and fold'n welded. So the steel is so-called "mix forging".
The picture is on the 7 times folding.

Finally it is folded 13 times, and cut off from the handle.

During the 13 times of fold'n welding work on this steel, the last two times were done by man power instead of power hammer. Because I got strong helpers who can work with big hammer. They are students from the United States. As a matter of fact, they are from many corners of the world, those are Lebanon, Venezuela, China, Taiwan and United States.


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