Tsuba 5
Crane or stork

82m x 82cm, thickness 5.5mm

This is a tsuba made of steel. The motif is crane or stork what is a symbol of happiness in Japan.
The skill of carving is very good, and so is the steel. But the design is a little strange. The crane is too small comparing with the tsuba size, and its proportion also is a little strange. There is a ball-like thing at the bottom of crane. Seeing the rim, half of ark has some ornament, and the other half is simple. Probably this tsuba has some meaning behind the crane.
By careful studying, we can find a cross on the back of crane. This might be made by a hidden Christian during the time Christianity was forbidden in Japan to put his faith on his sword. The age looks 17th or 18th century.
Anyway it is interesting to think about the hidden meaning behind the unique designing.

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