77mm x 71mm x 4mm(center)  5mm(rim)  weight 130g
signature: "Naoaki (kao)" (Kao is a special type of signature used like a seal.)
He is a student of "Jirotaro Naokatsu".
This tsuba is formed by Nobuie style. It was a fashion at the age of 19th century.
He copied the ageing effect too. The big dimple on the reverse surface is original that was designed by the smith. (=> The big dimple)
He is famous for such Nobuie style tsuba. But we have never seen a blade with his signature.
This is a good example of his work.

The hexagon design is even on the rim. The holes for kozuka/kogai are filled with lead.
NBTHK paper is added.

Close-up pictures


The big dimple on the reverse is not a rust damage. It is originally designed by the smith to make an appearance of old tsuba. To make an old looking appearance is a fashion in shin-shinto period, on blades and on tsuba's.

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